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Livestock Waterers

SPI’s livestock waterers are built of a polyethylene construction, creating a strong, corrosion free product designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Our low maintenance, easy-to-clean, polyethylene products are FDA and HPB approved, food grade, recyclable plastic. All our livestock waterers meet “Grade A” Dairy requirements. SPI’s waterers are designed with rounded corners to handle livestock abuse while ensuring livestock safety.

SPI’s Electric, Energy free and XL Series livestock waterers contain insulated bases constructed of a double wall filled with an insulated foaming material. Water levels are controlled by a float-operated valve which when triggered by the decline in water opens and allows water from a pressurized water line to flow and refill to a set, yet adjustable, water level. SPI stands behind their product 100% and we guarantee quality. SPI offers a 1 Year limited warranty on our products.

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