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Providing you with custom molding, livestock waterers, playground equipment, and more

Custom Molding

The SPI product development team provides new visions which become product realities. SPI can assist you with your custom rotational molding project.

Indoor Play

Whether you’re a daycare, restaurant, mall or car dealership, SPI can give you a play space that will keep your little guests entertained for hours. With product for all ages and all spaces

Livestock Waterers

For all your farming needs SPI has an automatic livestock waterer which will meet your farm needs whether you are looking for cattle waterers, horse waterers or for other types of livestock.

Outdoor Play

SPI’s quality manufacturing has evolved full force into the playground industry. Safety standards are observed, understood and applied in the creation of every new product.

Recent News

4 Must-Have Additions For Your Custom Outdoor Playground

There’s something truly magical about a playground. The laughter, the energy, the sense of endless possibilities – it’s where imaginations soar and lifelong memories are forged. Yet, creating an exceptional play experience takes more than just well-designed play structures. While slides and swings form the heart of any play area, other elements are crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for children and caregivers alike. In this blog post,...

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Beat the Boredom with 7 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids this Summer!

Summer vacation is here, and with all that free time, keeping kids entertained and active can be a challenge. It’s tempting for them to gravitate towards screens and become couch potatoes, but as parents, we know that’s not the best way for them to spend their summer. That’s why it’s important to plan fun outdoor activities for kids that will keep them active and engaged throughout the season. This post...

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6 Ways to Keep Your Livestock Cool This Summer

As temperatures rise, summer heat poses significant challenges for livestock. Keeping animals comfortable and cool is not just about their well-being; it’s also crucial for maintaining productivity and health. By adopting practical strategies, you can ensure your livestock stay cool and hydrated throughout the hottest months. This blog post will provide six actionable tips to help you maintain optimal conditions for your animals, safeguarding their health and your investment. #1....

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