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Providing you with custom molding, livestock waterers, playground equipment, and more

Custom Molding

The SPI product development team provides new visions which become product realities. SPI can assist you with your custom rotational molding project.

Indoor Play

Whether you’re a daycare, restaurant, mall or car dealership, SPI can give you a play space that will keep your little guests entertained for hours. With product for all ages and all spaces

Livestock Waterers

For all your farming needs SPI has an automatic livestock waterer which will meet your farm needs whether you are looking for cattle waterers, horse waterers or for other types of livestock.

Outdoor Play

SPI’s quality manufacturing has evolved full force into the playground industry. Safety standards are observed, understood and applied in the creation of every new product.

Recent News

5 Time-Saving Tips for Livestock Farmers

The life of a livestock farmer is intense, rising at the crack of dawn, braving the elements, and working until the stars replace the sun. These long hours are not just a testament to the farmer’s work ethic but are also crucial to the livelihood of the farm’s animals and its operations. Yet, with such a busy schedule, it’s essential to find ways to save time without sacrificing the quality...

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How to Get Your Outdoor Playground Ready for the Busy Summer Months

The calendar has turned, the days are getting longer, and a thrum of excitement is in the air—summer is almost here. Families and children are eagerly counting down the days toward warm weather and boundless outdoor adventures. For many kids, summer signifies one thing above all else: endless days on the playground, swinging, sliding, and climbing. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips for getting your outdoor playground ready...

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What’s the Difference Between Rotational Molding and Injection Moulding?

In the vast world of plastic manufacturing, the choices you make regarding the production process can significantly impact the end product’s quality, cost, and versatility. Two processes stand out in particular: Rotational Molding and Injection Moulding. But which one should you choose for your next project? In this comprehensive breakdown, we’ll examine the differences between these two methods and explain why rotational molding may offer the edge you need to...

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