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Custom Rotational Molding Project with SPI

Why SPI for Your Custom Rotational Molding Project?

Product Design

From Concept to Completion

SPI provides clients with excellent Technical Design Support. We pride ourselves in taking full advantage of technological advances to satisfy and fulfill your unique requirements.

Our product development team of qualified professionals will take you on a journey from “Concept to Completion”, keeping you involved, informed, and onboard throughout the entire process. Simply put, SPI shares your goals to create quality products!


We use Computer Aided Designs (CAD) to provide three dimensional (3D) perspectives to both customers and mold makers.
CAD allows us to provide colour renderings or line drawings, producing life-like qualities to your concept.

Product Development

At SPI, our future products are the result of innovative thinking today. Product development is non-stop at SPI. Innovation and diversification are our keys to success. These talents are here to help in creating your success, and our product development team provides new visions that become product realities.

Have something in mind? Ask us about your custom rotational molding project!

Tooling and Prototypes


Tooling and prototypes are key to your custom design project. SPI provides you options from start to finish.

  • cost-effective tooling options
  • innovative design
  • mold maintenance options
  • tooling, prototypes, and production parts delivered timely


  • bushing, inserts, core pins
  • cast-aluminum
  • CNC tooling
  • fabricated aluminum
  • molded-in inserts
  • multiple cavities
  • textured surfaces


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Secondary Processes

Once your part has been rotationally molded, there are a large variety of Secondary Operations that occur. For example, parting lines can be trimmed, and to achieve shine, your part can be flame polished. Rotational molded parts can be drilled, milled, sawed, or spin welded, and cooling jigs or fixtures may be used.

SPI also offers pre-assembly of custom sized orders. The below photograph demonstrates a custom order with pre-assembly of a Starglide slide.

Great slide, great fun!


Quality assurance is critical in ensuring secondary processes are carried out and completed with the highest level of expertise and precision.

Our secondary processes are completed in-house at SPI, for efficient service that is equally cost-effective for our clients.

Available Secondary Processes


  • Assembly
  • Barcoding availability
  • CNC Machining
  • Custom Packaging
  • Drilling
  • Flame Polishing
  • Just-in-Time Delivery System
  • Mold Maintenance
  • Molded-in Graphics
  • Molded-in Threaded Inserts
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Welding

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