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The following warranty policy is applicable for installed playgrounds supplied by SPI, where SPI is known as the Supplier. It is the goal of SPI to provide our customers the finest playsystem/play units available.

Supplier warrants to Purchaser the Approved Equipment shall be fabricated in a workable manner, and the Approved Equipment shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 (one) year from the date the installation of the playsystem/play unit is complete. During the stated one year period, the Supplier shall service the Equipment and complete any required repairs to defective parts without charge or provide necessary parts to be self-installed where applicable. Freight of the equipment will be the responsibility of the customer.

Parts required which are not defective shall be replaced at additional cost. Supplier shall not be required to make repairs or replace any parts if damage to the playsystem/play unit is caused by vandalism, abuse or by extraordinary wear and tear. Purchaser agrees to properly notify the Supplier of any defects immediately upon detection. Defective items will be either repaired or replaced by Supplier at Supplier’s option.

Supplier shall retain the right to close the operations of the playsystem/play unit during any time the repairs are being made.

Note: Warranty does not cover fading or dirt and grime on safety flooring. Some examples of vandalism include scratching of windows or Plexiglas fence, damage by sharp objects to post padding, netting and vinyl products. Proper cleaning chemicals and procedures must be implemented to maintain warranty. If the play equipment is or has been altered without the permission of SPI, the entire warranty is null and void.

SPI provides a 1 (one) year limited warranty for all SPI Polyethylene Components. This warranty covers structural failure for the value of the product, not including freight charges or labour expense.

Note: Warranty does not cover vandalism or cosmetic issues (such as colour fading).

Updated: April 1, 2022

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