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Benefits of Rotational Molding

There are many advantages associated with rotational molding:


  • Vibrant beautiful colour availability
  • Custom colours are available
  • Ease of colour changes between production runs
  • Uniform colour throughout the wall thickness
  • Selection of surface textures and finishes
  • Colours are U.V. stabilized
Indoor Play Colours Outdoor Play Colours


Production Flexibility

  • Flexibility of small to large production runs as required, allowing for flexibility of your inventory management
  • Standardized packaging, reducing your inventory management and costs
  • Ability to alter wall thickness as required by adjusting part charge weight
  • Colour changes
  • Addition of inserts

Product – Complexity and Design

  • Design flexibility to meet specifications
  • One piece, seamless shapes can be created. From simple to complex shapes, with strong corners, walls and structures that are virtually stress-free
  • Uniform wall thickness with no thinning of extremities
  • Flexibility of single wall parts or hollow double wall parts
  • Double wall construction capabilities allow a product to be designed with load bearing properties and structural strength, without adding a great deal of weight
  • Double wall construction also allows for differences in appearance on the interior and exterior walls; this flexibility allows the double wall cavity to be filled with other materials, eg. insulating materials
  • Molded in graphics and logos for identification
  • Addition of molded-in inserts

Tooling Costs

  • Relatively low tooling costs vs. injection or blow-molding processes
  • Quick tooling fabrication
  • Long tooling lifespan
  • Flexibility of multi-cavity tooling for high production needs
  • Selection of tool fabrication materials

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