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Benefits of Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is an industrial process that has been in use for many years and offers numerous benefits over other traditional manufacturing methods. This method of plastic production yields superior quality results that are perfect for producing hollow, one-piece parts or components. It is widely used to produce items such as kayaks, large tanks, playground equipment, and more—allowing strong pieces with higher detailing than would be possible with other types of molding processes today. By understanding the advantages of rotational molding on a deeper level, we can gain insight into why it’s become so popular over time. Rotational molding offers numerous advantages, which include the following:


Vibrant beautiful colour availability: The process used in rotational molding is capable of taking multiple colours, adding vibrancy and beauty to your product.

Custom colours are available: If you need a specific colour for your product, we can produce custom colours that will match.

Ease of colour changes between production runs: If your project requires frequent colour changes between production runs, rotational molding is the best option. Colours can be easily changed between runs with minimal effort and expense.

Uniform colour throughout wall thickness: With rotational molding, the colour will be uniform throughout the wall thickness of your product.

Selection of surface textures and finishes: With rotational molding, you can select from a variety of surface textures and finishes that are sure to make your product stand out.

Colours are U.V. stabilized: The colours used in rotational molding are U.V. stabilized, so they will not fade or discolour when exposed to the sun’s rays, ensuring your product remains vibrant for years to come.

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Production Flexibility

The flexibility of small to large production runs as required, allowing for flexibility of your inventory management: With rotational molding, you have the ability to produce small and large orders as necessary. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of projects, from one-off custom parts to bulk production runs.

Standardized packaging: SPI offers standardized packaging options, allowing you to reduce your inventory management and costs.

Ability to alter wall thickness as required by adjusting part charge weight: Adjusting the part charge weight in rotational molding allows for changes in wall thickness. This makes it easier for you to customize the product’s appearance and performance without making drastic design modifications.

Colour changes: Rotational molding provides the capability to change colours between production runs easily. This allows you to customize your product while keeping costs down and also helps maintain a consistent look and feel for your products.

Addition of insert: The ability to add inserts into a product is an additional benefit of rotational molding. Inserts can be added inside the cavity during rotation to provide strength or reinforcement where desired. This way, you can get exactly the product you need while keeping production costs low.

Product – Complexity and Design

Design flexibility to meet specifications: Rotational molding is a versatile process that can accommodate intricate and complex product designs. No matter what shape or size, we can produce it with the utmost precision and accuracy.

One piece, seamless shapes can be created: From simple to complex shapes, with strong corners, walls, and structures that are virtually stress-free and seamless, rotational molding can create a variety of products from one piece.

Uniform wall thickness with no thinning of extremities: Rotational molding ensures a uniform wall thickness with no thinning at extremities, helping to ensure your product is strong and durable.

The flexibility of single wall parts or hollow double wall parts: Rotational molding gives you the flexibility to produce single wall parts or hollow double wall parts, depending on your production requirements. This allows you to customize your product while keeping costs down.

Double wall construction capabilities: This allows a product to be designed with load-bearing properties and structural strength without adding a great deal of weight. In addition, double-wall construction also allows for differences in appearance on the interior and exterior walls; this flexibility allows the double-wall cavity to be filled with other materials, e.g. insulating materials.

Molded in graphics and logos for identification: Rotational molding can also incorporate molded-in graphics and logos to create a unique product identification. This allows you to brand your products with a distinct look and feel.

Addition of molded-in inserts: Another advantage of rotational molding is the ability to add inserts to a product. Inserts can be added inside the cavity during rotation to provide strength or reinforcement where desired. This way, you can get exactly the product you need while keeping production costs low.

Tooling Costs

Relatively low tooling costs vs. injection or blow-molding processes: Rotational molding typically requires lower tooling costs compared to injection or blow-molding processes. This helps you save money while also producing the highest quality products possible.

Quick tooling fabrication: SPI can create low-cost tooling quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get your product to market faster.

Long tooling lifespan: Rotational molding tools have a long lifespan, which helps to reduce costs in the long run. This makes it ideal for both short-run and large-scale production runs for consistency and quality control.

The flexibility of multi-cavity tooling for high production needs: Multi-cavity tooling can be used to produce multiple parts at once, allowing for high-volume production runs. This helps reduce costs and turnaround times while still producing a superior product.

Selection of tool fabrication materials: SPI offers a variety of tool fabrication materials, allowing you to customize your product to fit your exact needs.

The flexibility that rotational molding offers is unparalleled in the plastics industry. With its capability to create intricate shapes, uniform wall thicknesses, and molded-in features, you’re sure to get an end product that meets all of your specifications perfectly. Let us help you take advantage of this versatile process and make your product stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started.


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