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Considering an Indoor Playground Business? The Process is Easy with Proper Planning

Starting a business venture is an exciting and adventurous decision! If your new business venture is focused on indoor playgrounds, you chose the perfect time to take this opportunity on! Why? Indoor playgrounds are all the rage right now and more than ever you will notice them popping up in areas you’d never imagined. Simply put, they are the newest trend across the globe and at SPI Plastics we couldn’t…

Managing Livestock in the Cooler Months

Anyone with livestock knows that work is never cancelled, despite the weather outside. In fact certain weather can create even more work when it comes to managing livestock. As the warm summer months come to an end for another year many farmers will be starting to think about winter preparation. Weather One of the biggest challenges of livestock management is weather prediction. Having an idea of upcoming forecasts allows for…

Back to School Means Back to the Playground: Is Yours in Good Condition?

As the first week of school commences, there is lots to think about for both families and educators! Of course the majority of back to school planning is focused on programs inside the classroom, it is equally important to consider your school’s outside surroundings; specifically the outdoor playground area. September is often a warm and beautiful month for continuing with outdoor play. While the temperatures may be cooling off a…

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