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Preschool Play: Why It’s So Important

It seems that an increasing number of preschools across North America are shifting their focus to create a more academically focused environment, but are they taking it too far? While this is a debatable topic and one with many sides, at SPI Plastics, we feel that playtime is a critical component for preschool programs and shouldn’t be disregarded. When preschool begins to look more like school and the concentration is…

The New Year is Upon Us: Now is the Perfect Time to Renovate Your Office

If you’re happy with the interior design of your current business but you’re interested in taking it to the next level in 2020, now is the ideal time to consider doing a renovation! That the average person spends one-third of their life at their workplace. It’s a significant amount of time when you stop and think about it. Having an engaging and up-to-date workplace may impact whether you attract and…

The Fun Doesn’t Have to Move Indoors: Surprising Advantages of Winter Play!

The weather is quickly changing out there, and the white stuff is starting to accumulate; whether you are excited or sad about it, winter has officially arrived! The temperatures may be tempting you to get cozy on the couch and put on a movie with your family, but we urge you to use this opportunity to get outside and play instead! Starting a habit of this now will encourage your…

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