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Tube or Not Tube?: The Differences Between Plastic Slides

You’ve got your playground all mapped out. You know where the swingset will be, what kinds of plastic climbers you want, and you’ve even got an area set aside for those cute plastic riding animals. Now, you just have one more decision left to make, but it’s a doozy. A slide is often the crowning attraction of any playground, but there are several different kinds to choose from. Right now,…

Why Introducing Risk With Your Outdoor Playground is a Good Thing

For many kids, a trip to the outdoor playground is their favourite part of the week. For parents, it may be the most stress-inducing. From stranger danger to accidentally being hit by a car, parents are often wracked with worry (even though the rates of all these instances have dropped by 30-70%, meaning kids today are the safest they’ve ever been), and that anxiety carries over to the playground. What…

What Can You Make With Custom Plastic Parts?

At SPI Plastics, we’re uniquely outfitted with a rotational molding system. For those of you who’ve never heard of molding, much less the rotational variety, this news might be met with some blank stares. However, once you understand the possibilities created by this system, we’re willing to bet you’ll be pretty excited.  Today, we’re going to take a look at some examples of what you can make with rotational molding,…

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