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A Brief History of The Playground

For years SPI has been helping design and manufacture components for playgrounds across the region. Our wide selection of indoor and outdoor playground toys and equipment have helped several playgrounds in the area come to life. Have you ever wondered how the concept of a playground came to be in the first place? What is the history of the playground as we know it today? Playgrounds originated in Germany, with…

Make Sure Your Playground isn’t Missing these Five Necessities

Dreaming up the perfect school or community playground can be an exciting and relatively straight forward goal when you have the proper resources and have partnered with an experienced provider of playground components. You can let your imagination run wild as you ponder all the incredible pieces you’d like to see present in your future play space. With this in mind however, there are some key things that every playground…

Are You Practicing Proper Playground Etiquette? Yes – It is a Thing

Now that the warm weather is finally here, summer is underway and kids are finishing up their last day of school already! With all of this extra time and beautiful weather, children will be out playing, riding their bike, and hanging out at the playground on a regular routine. While, we like to think that playgrounds are a happy and social place; which for the most part they are, in…

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