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Why Custom Moulded Plastic Is Better Than Other Materials

SPI Plastics doesn’t just specialize in playground equipment or livestock waterers. Our rotational moulding process is designed to handle a wide range of possible plastic products. This allows us to cover the custom moulding needs of our clients. If you’re asking yourself “why use plastic?” then we have the answer you are looking for right here. A Better Product Utilizing rotational moulding to make your custom products gives you full…

Should You Invest in an Indoor Playground?

When you think of an indoor playground, you might imagine a dedicated business that sells entry to a massive playground complex. While those businesses can be quite profitable, building an indoor playground isn’t just for dedicated playground businesses. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you are trying to serve customers that have young children with them, you should consider investing in indoor playground equipment. Why an Indoor Playground?…

How to Choose Livestock Watering Troughs for Different Farm Animals

Raising any kind of farm animal is a task that sounds deceptively easy at first blush. There are almost endless factors to consider for their care and keeping, ranging from food and water to veterinary checks, proper temperature, and enough space per animal. Water is arguably one of the most essential requirements for any animal. Making sure they have enough, and easily accessible, is a foundational pillar of raising happy,…

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