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What Makes Slides So Amazing

Even in its simplest form, playground slides bring great enjoyment to children of all ages. You can find a slide in almost every playground, of various shapes, sizes and colours. One reason why water parks are so popular are because of their massive water slides. So, there’s no doubt that slides are incredibly popular, so only the question remains, what exactly makes slides so amazing? Let’s figure it out together!…

Inspiration in Indoor Playground Equipment: Canada Edition

Creating an indoor playground is an exercise in creativity, not least because of frequent space limitations. However, there is plenty of inspiration to be found, especially in existing playgrounds. SPI Plastics is proudly located in Shallow Lake, Ontario, and today, we’re taking some time to explore different types of indoor playground equipment and innovations that can be found right here in Canada. Plus, who knows? You might come away with…

Planning the Perfect Custom Playground

Creating a custom playground is an exciting – and intimidating – task. There are so many factors to be taken into account, but in the end, the reward is a stimulating, welcoming environment where children can play, socialize, and grow. If you’re looking at creating a playground of your own, you may not be quite sure where to begin, or what options you have. Don’t worry; from space considerations to…

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