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Considerations Before Ordering – Indoor Playground

There are many considerations when you purchase an indoor playsystem. The location, your budget, insurance, safety, maintenance, custom designs and your supplier.

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What are the demographics surrounding the location you are considering?

  • Physical Property: The space – what is the ceiling height?
  • Footprint area for the playsystem? Establish a footprint and layout for your project; such as party room space or kitchen area.
  • Obtain a site plan of your location.
  • Ensure the entrances and exits are well marked on the drawings; as well as, duct work, lighting, heating and cooling systems.




What is your budget for the play equipment?

  • Establish your target age group.
  • How many playsystems will you need. For example: will you have a separate play area for toddlers or will it be incorporated into one playsystem?
  • What is the desired capacity of your playsystem?
  • Will you require further construction to your facility to establish your play area?
  • Identify additional play areas and what you may include; such as party rooms.




Our design team recognizes that our clientele have specific needs allowing us to provide flexible solutions meeting design requirements and budgets.

At the same time, our vision is to promote and provide a highly entertaining playful environment for the children while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

We provide our clientele with:

  • lowest maintenance solutions
  • highest play value structures
  • easiest installation
  • most efficient play equipment to clean




  • Thoroughly research what your insurance requirements are and what the cost will be.
  • Recommend installation of Rules and Regulations signage.




When you are in business for providing play equipment to children it is imperative that safety is your #1 concern.

SPI uses the ASTM Guidelines F1918-98 when designing all of our playsystems. These regulations provide guidelines that ensure your playsystem is designed in a manner that considers all safety concerns; such as: use zones around equipment.




Sanitation of your play equipment is critical. SPI will supply you with a step-by-step guide to aid you in this process.


Custom Designs


99% of our Indoor Play designs are customized to meet the specific requirements of our customer.

We are happy to present and quote you a specific playsystem that meets your budgetary requirements, allotted space, target group, demographics, theme requirements and color preferences.



SPI has been in business since 1972. We are a leader in designing, manufacturing and installing indoor play equipment. This experience and knowledge of the industry is here to aid you through the process.

The sale of our play equipment does not end when the sale is made. We value our customers and the long-term relationships we establish with you!

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