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Our 6 Favourite Components for Indoor Play Areas

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As makers of custom plastic products and indoor play area equipment, we’ve sent pieces all around the world for inclusion in some pretty cool playgrounds. We also get a lot of questions about what kind of equipment is best suited for an indoor play area. Seeing as how it’s getting into the holiday season, we thought we’d provide you with a bit of inspiration for your play area wish lists.

We’ve combed through our products and selected our favourite six components for indoor play areas. These aren’t based on any kind of technical scale; they’re just what we’ve found kids really enjoy, and that’s what it’s really about. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Ball Toss Exercise Room

Imagine you’re a kid, climbing and crawling your way through an extensive array of indoor play area equipment. You turn a corner, and there, just waiting for you, is a ball toss exercise room for you to dive into. This one is popular with kids of literally every age, especially as a social area. In fact, ours is even designed to accommodate an add-on Chit Chat Balcony to enhance and expand the area. There’s plenty of visibility, so kids can see out and parents can keep an eye on their little ones.

2. A Custom Flying Object

Kids love the chance to use their imagination, and a custom flying object is the perfect vehicle for them to soar into a world of their own creation. Indoor play area equipment typically builds upward to maximize space, and the custom flying objects provide a safe, fully-enclosed area for adventure-seeking youngsters to appreciate the sense of freedom that height provides.

Our current lineup includes a plane, jet, and helicopter, but we’ve done specialized custom projects for clients with a specific vision. Plus, you can request any combo of colours you like to perfectly fit your playground theme.

3. Spiral Tube Slide

No indoor play area is fully complete without a slide, and the spiral tube slide is one of our personal favourites. It’s got everything – space optimization, customizability, play freedom for kids, and aesthetic appeal. Two of them can even occupy the same space, getting you the most possible value for your space and your money. And of course, as with all our playground components, you can have them made in the colours that match your playground.

4. Deck Climbs

When it comes to getting around the indoor play area equipment, deck climbs pull double duty. As their most basic function, they provide your indoor play area with structure in support. However, they also function as the way that children can climb up the different deck levels, which is an activity entirely unto itself. Deck climbs are so popular that they’re found in most indoor playgrounds, so if you’re wondering which playground component to buy first, start with the deck climbs, because you’ll be able to base the rest of your selections off this initial structure.

5. Squeeze Play

This playground component is designed to compliment the KidsCube™ Playsystem. The Squeeze Play adds an element of challenge and fun for kids, since they must either spin it around or squeeze past it in order to continue exploring the play area. It’s also textured, which adds a fun tactile element as kids interact with it. Place one on either side of a passageway or entertainment area to transform it into an easy-difficulty obstacle course. The possibilities with this one are just endless, which is why we find it’s so much fun for the kids.

6. Rock Wall Traverse

Kids will already be climbing through the different playground components, but the rock wall traverse gives them an area to climb all on their own. It’s available in both junior and senior sizes to provide different levels of difficulty, and it makes for a great pause point within your indoor play area. Equipment should be engaging and safe, and the rock wall traverse minimizes the injury risk you’ll find in larger, outdoor rock walls. Kids will have a secure place to test their strength and coordination, and parents will be able to observe through the view screen.

Interested in Playground Components from SPI?

We hope this was informative and useful for you, and if nothing else, we hope you found some great inspiration for your next indoor playground. Since 1972, we’ve been providing world-class playground products to customers around the world, and we also do custom rotational molding projects for clients with a particular vision in mind.

If you’d like more information on our range of indoor play area equipment, give us a call at (519) 935-2211 or send us a message online.

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