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Inspiration in Indoor Playground Equipment: Canada Edition

a kid using colourful building blocks

Creating an indoor playground is an exercise in creativity, not least because of frequent space limitations. However, there is plenty of inspiration to be found, especially in existing playgrounds.

SPI Plastics is proudly located in Shallow Lake, Ontario, and today, we’re taking some time to explore different types of indoor playground equipment and innovations that can be found right here in Canada. Plus, who knows? You might come away with some inspiration for a playground of your own.

Focus on an Amazing Theme

If you’ve ever been to a themed playground, you already know what we’re talking about. Whether it’s a jungle theme or modeled to create an underwater-inspired adventure, themed playgrounds function by immersing children into a story. They’re not just at the playground – they’re an explorer on a distant planet or a brave adventurer that’s fallen back in time and has to fight dinosaurs to escape.

In British Columbia, Go Bananas is an indoor playground that has completely transformed their play equipment into a jungle paradise, inspiring kids to let their inner wild animals roam freely.

Create a Climbing Maze

Indoor playgrounds naturally tend to suffer from more size restrictions than their outdoor counterparts. If horizontal space is limited, think vertically! Building a multi-story indoor climbing maze not only creates a challenge for kids to solve: it gives them several times the amount of play space they’d have otherwise.

The climbing maze doesn’t have to be made of only landing platforms, though. Sprinkle a few activity panels throughout, or create a challenge with a climbing net to get to the next platform. The possibilities are endless, and no matter whether you want to install a kid-sized airplane or basketball activity cube, you’ll be able to create a space with something new for kids to discover every time they go through.

Showcase Your Province

Each of Canada’s provinces has its own unique history and charms. Take inspiration from what already exists and integrate it into your indoor play area. For Ontario, for example, why not create a play area inspired by maple farms, complete with small plastic buckets and a custom-moulded farm storefront? Playgrounds in Nova Scotia might style their play sections with the bright colours reminiscent of the iconic houses along the coastline.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the spectacular Polar Playground in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo. Outfitted with custom-moulded plastic playground equipment centered on an Arctic theme, it’s a great example of getting kids excited about some of Canada’s natural wonders.

Think About Play for All

A twelve-year-old kid won’t get the same thrill from a Bedrock climber that a three or four-year-old will. Include a space for everyone in your indoor playground with separate age areas and playground equipment. If you anticipate visits from very young children who might not yet be up to the same level of exploration as older kids, create a section that’s just for them, featuring equipment that they’ll be able to safely enjoy.

Introduce Excitement With a Zip Line or Ball Pit

Interactive equipment is always attention-grabbing, and if you’re catering to an audience of older children, adding in an element like a zip line is a great way to let them experience something they may have never tried before. Younger children will find similar delight in a ball pit, which allows them to play equally well on their own or with friends.

Making the Next Great Canadian Playground

The playgrounds we mentioned in this post are certainly good examples of what makes a playground memorable, but there’s always room for new, innovative ideas. We’re passionate about producing high-quality equipment that will be enjoyed for many years to come, so if you have an idea for creating a brand new playground or updating an existing one, take a look through our indoor playground equipment.

We’re able to produce them in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and our rotational molding program even allows you to create brand-new pieces unique to your playground.

For more information on our range of indoor playground equipment, call our office at 1-800-269-6533 or contact us online.

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