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Considering an Indoor Playground Business? The Process is Easy with Proper Planning

Starting a business venture is an exciting and adventurous decision! If your new business venture is focused on indoor playgrounds, you chose the perfect time to take this opportunity on! Why? Indoor playgrounds are all the rage right now and more than ever you will notice them popping up in areas you’d never imagined. Simply put, they are the newest trend across the globe and at SPI Plastics we couldn’t be more thrilled to witness such growth!

So you want to start an indoor playground business; where do you start?

Considering an Indoor Playground Business

It’s surprisingly much easier than you’d expect; let’s explore what you need to know:

Conduct Proper Market Research

Just like with any business plan, you can only be successful if you’ve carried out the necessary market research. What does this entail exactly?

  • Is there a need for an indoor playground in your community?
  • What is the population of children in your community?
  • Will you have any competition?
  • If competition is present, how can you stand out from them?
  • What will service fees look like for your customers to use it?
  • What’s the cost to purchase or rent the space that is required?


Determine Your Location

Location is key!

  • The location you choose can make or break your overall success so it is vital that you take your time and investigate as much as possible before deciding on a perfect location.
  • High traffic areas near shopping malls or restaurants can be a good place to consider as you are bound to have a high volume of people pass by. If tourism is close to you, consider choosing a location where these tourists will likely visit.
  • When searching for an ideal spot, remember that if your playground will be a large structure you will need to confirm that the building can house a structure of at least 15 feet tall (providing you’re interested in a 3 story playground.)

Plan Out the Design of Your Playground

  • Determine where in your space you want to set up your playground. Don’t forget things like party rooms, eating areas, and pots for parents to sit and relax while they watch their children play.
  • Be sure to have a floor plan or measurements that you can contact SPI with for a free no obligation quote. Let us know any custom design you have in mind and any questions in relation to product availability. Of course if you aren’t sure where to start design wise, our professional team is trained to provide design recommendations for you.
  • You will stay updated throughout the entire design process; we won’t stop making adjustments and edits until the final product exceeds your satisfaction.

Start the Ordering and Production Process

Once your design is completed, production will take place immediately following a contractual agreement.  We will inform you on all progress and will be made available the entire time if you have any concerns or questions with the production portion.

Prepare the Site

  • While our professionals work diligently to bring you dreams to reality, use this time to have your site ready for the installation process, and of course for the launch of your new business! Consider your interior decorating, employee training and recruiting, and developing any promotions you wish to offer.

Installation and Playground Reveal

Our professional playground installation team will arrive at your location in a timely and efficient manner to begin the installation process; this will commence as soon as your products have shipped and arrived.

Once you’ve opened up your playground to the public, SPI Plastics will continue to provide you with support and service you can trust. We want you to be pleased with all aspects of your playground and that is why our relationship doesn’t end when your playground is installed.

Get in touch with SPI Plastics today if you’re interested in more details surrounding our indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Call 519-935-2211

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