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4 Tips to Make Your Future Playground Great

a young girl in overalls playing on the monkey bars

As complex as it may seem, it’s not difficult to build a fun-filled playground. If you get your main components for play, like a slide, elevated platforms, roofs etc. you can make an effective playground. But there are playgrounds like that all over the place! In a child’s mind, that playground would become a distant memory, or they won’t even bother playing there! You want to build a playground that a child will love.

So, how do you create that awesome playground, you ask? There’s a lot that goes into it, but here are 4 tips that you might not have considered.

1. Variety

Playgrounds should be a universal place for kids of all ages to enjoy themselves. That’s why it’s important to try to be as diverse as possible with the type of equipment you use.

Include components that are more mentally stimulating along with the physical activities at the playground. Components like activity panels are a great way to stimulate children who might need a break from running, jumping, climbing, and sliding. Also consider incorporating other activities into your playground, like a built-in scavenger hunt!

Make separate sections on your grounds for different age groups. For anyone under the age of 4, the playground can feature more crawling components and simple climbing features. The entire structure should also be lower to the ground. Anything too high or too complicated would probably not be used, or even be too dangerous for toddlers. These same limitations would be boring for older kids.

2. Challenging

Don’t be afraid to make your playground challenging! Nothing leaves a greater impression than a child accomplishing something they thought they couldn’t do. For your older kids, consider implementing complicated climbing structures that feel satisfying to climb to the top. Even younger kids with a keen sense of adventure can enjoy a good challenge at the playground. Make sure you find the perfect balance in easy and challenging play activities.

3. Accessibility

One of the most admirable features playgrounds can offer is improved accessibility. If you are building in a densely populated area, odds are there may be a child in your neighbourhood suffering from a disability. Based on numbers reported by Disabled World, a little more than 6.5% of all youth between the ages of 5 and 17 suffer some form of disability.

So how do you incorporate better accessibility into a playground? Consider adding braille to any parts of a playground that is designed to be read. Build ramps large enough for children using walking assistant devices or wheelchairs to still get access to the higher platforms. There have been some great accessible playgrounds built in the past, so draw inspiration from those!

4. Pick a Theme

The most memorable playgrounds are the ones with consistent themes. Think of a fun theme that promotes the atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re proud of your climbing equipment, maybe a jungle themed playground would make sense! Using imagery like tall leafy trees or monkeys would leave a better impression than ocean related imagery in this situation. Make sure to stick to a consistent colour theme as well when picking your playgrounds style.

Now there are a lot of choices you need to make ahead of you. Take all the time you need to ensure you bring the best possible experience for all children in your area. If you have any questions, our staff are more than happy to help answer them or steer you in the right direction. Our plastic components have been incorporated into many successful playgrounds, and we service across the globe through our many distributors! Contact us today for more information or for pricing.

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