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3 Ways Themed Indoor Play Structures Stimulate the Imagination

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The imagination is one of a child’s most important assets, and not just because it’s valuable during play. Kids lean on their imagination throughout their childhood and well into adulthood. Imagination is what helps them develop empathy for others and how they strengthen the ability to discern what is feasible from what is just fun. Children naturally flex their imaginative skills whenever they play, but there are ways to provide them with a bit of extra inspiration.

In the case of indoor play structures, Canada has no shortage of different playgrounds designed to entice the minds and stimulate the imaginations of their young visitors. And with good reason – indoor playgrounds have the unique ability to provide children with both the inspiration and outlet for their play.

There are three specific ways that indoor playgrounds can accomplish this goal, and today, we’re going to explore each of them.

1. Pre-Built Scenarios

One of the main features of a themed indoor play structure is that it has already set up a scenario for children to explore. Perhaps they’re jungle explorers, climbing their way up a tree and following animals through dense foliage. Perhaps they’re penguins, sliding down an icy slope to swim and dart through the blue ocean. Everything from the colour of the playground components to the shape in which they’re formed contributes to this illusion and primes children to begin thinking creatively.

2. Activity Panels

Even without a theme to your indoor playground, there are still ways to help encourage children to begin flexing their creative muscles. Activity panels are a great way to scatter opportunities for imaginative inspiration throughout your play structure. With different activities like wind chimes, racecar driving, a treasure hunt, and a bead reveal, there’s something to appeal to children of all ages.

Since each panel is novel and interesting, children will be able to explore for hours, discovering each one and letting themselves be absorbed into whatever imaginative scenario they come up with. A themed indoor play structure is certainly more cohesive, but activity panels are the key for a playground with some variety and flexibility.

3. Grid System Structure

An indoor play structure based on a grid system isn’t just an effective and efficient way to maximize the use of available space. It’s also the underlying structure for an imaginative adventure. Grid systems, by their inherent design, make kids crawl, climb, and stretch to move from one portion of the playground to another. This physical activity makes it easy for children to imagine that they’re somewhere else, like climbing on a space station or traversing the secret hideout of spies.

You can add different elements to your grid system like a climbing net or rock wall to add to the challenge and enhance the creative experience. You don’t have to commit to only one kind of grid system, either. There are plenty of play systems, like Lexan Units and Mega Towers, that can be combined together to create precisely the structure you’re looking for.

Indoor Play Structures: Canada-Made, Loved Worldwide

SPI Plastics is a producer of high-quality outdoor and indoor play structures. Canada is home to our headquarters, but our playground equipment can be found in over 40 countries around the world. Got an idea in mind for a customized project? Our in-house rotational molding department means that you can create a completely unique play structure for an unforgettable experience.

For more information on how to begin putting together an indoor play structure of your own, give us a call at (519) 935-2211. You can also send us a message online.

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