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SPI Custom Molding

What is Custom Molding?

Custom Molding is a process used to manufacture hollow, seamless plastic parts. Parts are long lasting, durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. A finished part can be constructed using numerous molded pieces. For example: The SkyShed Pod is a designed product that is molded in sections to create a top of the line finished product.

Common molded parts include containers, leisure craft, furniture, sporting equipment, agricultural and garden equipment, tanks, toys, medical and industrial equipment, as well as automotive and transportation components. SPI uses rotational molding for the manufacturing of several product lines including: indoor and outdoor playground, livestock waterer, and many custom molding projects.

Why Plastic?

If you stop and consider all the plastic components you see and use on a daily basis, there’s no denying that plastic is a dominant material seen in our everyday life.  The computer you sit and work at is built with plastic, several components of your vehicle are designed with plastic, children’s’ toys, playground equipment; each of these is built with some variation of plastic.

Plastic technology continues to advance, and over the past 20 years, we have seen drastic improvements in the use of plastic, designing products that have several key advantages. These include:

  • No chance of rust. Rusting will never be an issue with plastic, while even stainless steel is prone to rust in welded areas.
  • Plastic can handle several chemical components, which makes it the perfect solution for tanks and additional containers. Plastics can also be designed so that they are fire-resistant, static-resistant, and weather-resistant as well.
  • Because plastic is a much lighter material than metal, operating equipment that has plastic components means less fuel is required which lowers your costs.
  • Plastic is usually cheaper than metal to purchase. Due to the fact that rotational molding provides the ability to design one-piece construction, assembly duration, and assembly fees, as a result, are much lower.
  • Plastic components will not dent as they are very resistant to impact of any kind. Plastic parts can also be reinforced with inserts in high-stress spots.

Molding plastic isn’t enough; SPI offers the talents and strength of a full service company ready to meet your challenges and requirements. There are many products both created and used each day throughout the world that can be adapted and/or enhanced by rotational molding techniques.

Our custom molding can effectively produce small to large, and simple to intricate parts. At SPI, we’ll work with you to determine the requirements of your unique project, ensuring each aspect of your final product reflects those specifications.

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