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Rotational molding is a versatile and efficient process used in creating durable plastic products for a wide range of industries. Our expertise and innovative techniques have allowed us to work closely with various sectors, helping bring their ideas to life through high-quality, customizable plastic solutions. We are committed to expanding our services and exploring new possibilities, continually adapting to meet the needs of different industries with precision and reliability.


In the world of farming and agriculture, durable tools and equipment are a must-have. This is where rotational molding shines. We create sturdy, long-lasting plastic items that farmers can rely on every day. Whether it’s large water tanks, feed troughs for animals, or planters for crops, our products are made to stand up to the challenges of outdoor work and harsh weather. We’re proud to support the agriculture industry by making their tough jobs a bit easier with our reliable plastic solutions.

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Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are more than play areas; they are spaces where children learn, grow, and explore. Our rotational molding process is perfect for creating strong, safe, and colourful playground equipment that can handle the rough and tumble of everyday play. From slides and swings to climbing frames, we make products that are not only fun but also built to last, ensuring years of outdoor enjoyment for kids of all ages. Safety and durability are our top priorities, so parents and caregivers can have peace of mind while children make lasting memories.

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Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation areas play a crucial role in communities, serving as a place for relaxation, exercise, and community gatherings. Our rotational molding services are key to developing durable and low-maintenance outdoor furniture, signage, and equipment for these spaces. From benches that withstand all weather conditions to informative signposts and waste bins, our products contribute to making parks welcoming and functional. We focus on creating items that enhance the enjoyment and utility of outdoor spaces for everyone.


The medical field relies on precise, sturdy equipment to provide patients with the best care. Our rotational molding process is at the forefront of creating strong plastic products that are vital for hospitals and clinics. This includes items like ergonomic beds, carts for moving medical supplies, and casings for delicate instruments. Each product is designed to be easy to clean and durable, which is essential in a healthcare setting. Our commitment to supporting the health sector means we’re always working to produce plastic solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Toys & Recreation

The world of toys and recreation is vast and colourful, inviting kids and adults alike to enjoy endless hours of fun and learning. By using rotational molding, we manufacture robust, safe, and imaginative toys and recreational items that spark joy and creativity. Whether it’s outdoor sports equipment, intricate playsets, or even durable water toys, our process ensures these products can withstand plenty of use, helping to create memorable experiences for families. Our goal is to produce items that support play, learning, and adventure, making every moment enjoyable and worry-free.


In the automotive industry, high-quality, resilient parts are essential for safety and performance. Rotational molding helps us create strong, dependable components for vehicles, including dashboards, fuel tanks, and storage bins. These parts are built to last, even under the tough conditions of the road and varying weather. Our process allows for the design flexibility needed in the automotive sector, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly and functions well. By providing durable plastic solutions, we help make cars, trucks, and other vehicles safer and more efficient.


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