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Wood Vs Plastic Playgrounds: Why Plastic is Superior

There is no question that children love playing in playgrounds. They provide a fun and stimulating environment for kids to explore and let off some steam. When it comes to choosing a playground for your child, there are two main types: plastic and wood. Both have their pros and cons, but when you take a closer look, the advantages of plastic playgrounds become clear. In this article, we will talk about all the reasons why plastic playgrounds are superior to wood ones.

How Are Plastic Playgrounds Created?

Before we talk about the advantages of a plastic playground, let’s start with how they’re made. Plastic playgrounds are usually made from a type of plastic called low density polyethylene, or LDPE. This plastic is extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is important for playgrounds that see a lot of use.

The Advantages of Plastic Playgrounds Over Wood Playgrounds

Plastic playgrounds offer different advantages that wood playgrounds cannot provide. Here are the top five reasons plastic playgrounds are better:

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of plastic playgrounds is that they are very easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about painting or staining them as you do with wood playgrounds. All you need to do is give them a quick wipe down every now and then, and they will look good as new.

Safer for kids

Another big advantage of plastic playgrounds is that they are much safer for kids. Wood playgrounds can have sharp edges and splinters, which can be very dangerous for children. Plastic playgrounds are smooth and don’t have any hard edges, so you can rest assured that your child will be safe while playing on one.

Longer lasting

Plastic playgrounds are also much longer lasting than wood playgrounds. They are not susceptible to rot or decay like wood is, so you won’t have to replace them as often. This means that you will save money in the long run by choosing a plastic playground over a wood one.

More Affordable

These days, plastic playgrounds are also more affordable than they used to be. This is because the technology for making them has improved, and there is now a greater demand for them. You can find a great plastic playground without spending a lot of money, unlike wood playgrounds which are more expensive because they are made of natural materials.

Easy To Customize

By going with a plastic playground, you also have the advantage of being able to customize it to your liking. There are many different plastic playgrounds on the market, so you can find one that is perfect for your child. You can also add or remove features as you see fit, which isn’t as easy with wood playgrounds.

Design a Plastic Playground With SPI Plastics Today!

Now that you know all the reasons why plastic playgrounds are superior to wood playgrounds, it’s time to start designing your own. SPI Plastics can help you create the perfect plastic playground for your child. We have a wide range of plastic playground equipment to choose from, so you are sure to find ones that your child will love. Contact us today to get started!

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