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Why It’s Time To Make The Switch From a Water Trough to a Livestock Waterer

If you’re a rancher or farmer, your property is likely full of livestock, and they need to be provided with clean drinking water. For many years, the traditional approach to providing water was incorporating large and often aging water troughs that were hand-filled by you each day. But now, thanks to technological advancements, livestock waterers can easily replace these old troughs – ultimately creating a more straightforward solution for keeping the animals on your property hydrated daily! In this blog post, we’ll explore all the advantages of why making the switch from a water trough to a livestock waterer is worth considering today.

What’s The Difference Between a Water Trough and a Livestock Waterer?

Before we get into the advantages of switching from a water trough to a livestock waterer, let’s start by briefly discussing these options’ differences. A traditional water trough is a large, open-top container that requires daily manual filling. On the other hand, livestock waterers are automated and can be connected to existing plumbing or hooked up to an outdoor hose. This makes them easier to maintain as they are self-filling and don’t require you to manually fill each one multiple times per day.

Advantages of Livestock Waterers

Let’s dive into why investing in livestock waterers is worth your while rather than relying on traditional water troughs for your animals’ hydration needs.

Time Saving

One of the most significant advantages of livestock waterers is that they save you time, as they fill themselves and don’t require manual filling multiple times per day. This means that you can keep your animals hydrated without needing to constantly be checking up on them or spend hours hauling buckets of water to each trough every day.

Cleaner Water

Since a livestock waterer keeps the water constantly circulating, it ensures that the animals are drinking clean and fresh water daily. This is much different than a traditional water trough, which requires manual filling and, therefore, can become stale or contaminated over time.

Reduced Costs

Livestock waterers are more cost-effective than traditional water troughs in the long run since they don’t need to be constantly filled and maintained like water troughs do – meaning lower water bills and fewer maintenance costs over time.

Healthier Animals

Automated livestock waterers can help encourage healthier animals since they can provide fresh, clean water on demand. This means animals can get the hydration they need without worrying about stagnant or contaminated water.

Fewer Mosquitoes

Another great benefit of livestock waterers is that they help reduce mosquitoes on your property. This is because a waterer keeps water constantly circulating, which prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the stagnant water found in traditional water troughs.

In conclusion, switching from a water trough to a livestock waterer is worth considering if you’re looking for an easier way to provide your animals with clean and fresh drinking water. Not only does it help save time and money, but it also ensures that your animals are receiving the hydration they need to stay healthy. So why not make the switch today? Contact SPI Plastics today to learn more about our livestock waterers and how they can benefit your farm!

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