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Why is a Playground the Perfect Investment?

Studies that focus on early childhood development and care, mutually agree that play is a vital aspect in the development of young children. When children are involved in play, it is easier for parents and caregivers to understand behavioural patterns, which can be extra beneficial when dealing with difficulties. With that said, if you are considering investing in extracurricular play time, having a professional play system built for your daycare or backyard is one of the best long-term investments you can make for your children.

Here are just a few reasons why a playground is worth designing for your children:

You Give Them Their “Freedom”

A playground provides the perfect setting where children can simply “be”. Essentially there are not many restrictions in place which gives children the flexibility to explore at their own pace without feeling limited. Of course, young children should still always be under supervision to prevent injury and if there is potential for dangerous stunts, kids should be monitored closely, but these play structures are specifically built with safety and quality in mind.

The best part about these play structures is that children can get as creative as they want to be with how they approach play. If they want to pretend the swing is a boat making its way through treacherous waters, fantastic; imaginations can run wild here, which also helps to promote creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Having access to a playground also gives your children a safe and effective “escape”. You will probably discover that in situations where they are at odds inside your home, heading outside to burn off some steam is the solution they need. Personal “me” time in their space will likely help calm nerves and reduce tension.

Organizing Play Dates is Easy

No need to arrange a play date at the park, school, or rec centre. With a playground in your backyard, you have immediate opportunity to schedule a social get together without having to go anywhere. Why not set up play dates with your friends’ children to come to you! This is a great chance to get to know new neighbours and for your children to socialize with kids they wouldn’t normally see daily at school or daycare. Your children will learn what’s involved in sharing and opening up their space to others, learning to expand their world and sharing abilities as well. This is an important skill to learn as a young child especially.

Perfect for Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Play equipment can activate a child’s creativity. As noted, from a child’s perspective, play apparatus can essentially become anything they visualize it to be. The creativity that is sure to come alive on the playground can eventually become a habit that can contribute to every day life. Unstructured free play promotes cognitive development which also directly relates to one’s imagination.

Gives Parents a Break

Sometimes parents simply need a short break to themselves. While we don’t want this to be a negative thing, it’s a reality that parents with young children sometimes face. Having a home outdoor play structure, can do wonders to ensure this time away from it all is an option. If your children are old enough that they can play solo without ongoing supervision, allow them to burn off some energy in the backyard while you choose to get some chores done. Alternatively, use this moment to unwind with a good book and coffee! Keep an eye out through your kitchen or living room window to check that everyone is happy.

As you can see a playground is more than just a good investment for children; it offers convenience, space and fun, for the entire family as well.  Having a playground designed for your backyard will be well worth the investment; remember you are contributing to your child’s development, social skills, and general health. Plus, your kids will thank you for the endless fun available to them steps away, in their yard!

SPI is your supplier of custom molded play components. Interested in speaking to us about your playground ideas? We’re happy to hear about your vision and how we can bring it to life this Spring. Please reach out to our professionals to get things started!

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