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Why Custom Moulded Plastic Is Better Than Other Materials

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SPI Plastics doesn’t just specialize in playground equipment or livestock waterers. Our rotational moulding process is designed to handle a wide range of possible plastic products. This allows us to cover the custom moulding needs of our clients.

If you’re asking yourself “why use plastic?” then we have the answer you are looking for right here.

A Better Product

Utilizing rotational moulding to make your custom products gives you full capability to see through complex designs with ease. Our process allows us to make single piece products weight anywhere between 1 pound to 1000 pounds, with sizes between 6 inches to 16 feet! That’s not something easily achievable with other types of materials, at a much more affordable price.

Plastic doesn’t rust like metal does, so does superior when it comes to rough climates and weather conditions. As a matter of fact, our custom plastic products are perfect for any use that requires exposure to water, anywhere from tank floats to kayaks! Depending on your needs, your plastic components can be treated to be chemical resistant, static resistant or flame retardant.

Vibrant Colours

When you choose to make your components out of plastic, you gain access to a wide range of vibrant or muted colours. These colours aren’t just surface level either, as the whole plastic is made with the same colour. They are even protected from U.V. damage, ensuring they stay looking great for long periods of time when exposed to sunlight. Our custom moulding process is flexible enough that a simple change of colour between production runs is no trouble at all!

Production Flexibility

Speaking on the production process, not only is colour changes a simple task, but variable production sizes are also achievable. Ensuring you have the right amount of stock isn’t a guessing game with SPI Plastics. If there needs to be adjustments to the products, it’s a simple process to make those changes. The packaging of your products is also standardized.

Custom Moulded Plastic Takes the Cake

When you need a custom component or product, plastic easily comes out on top for a variety of situations. And when it comes to rotational moulding, no one does it better than SPI Plastics.

Our product development team of qualified professionals will take you on a journey from “Concept to Completion”, keeping you involved, informed, and on board throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves in taking full advantage of technological advances to satisfy and fulfill your unique requirements. Simply put, SPI shares your goals to create quality products!

If you are interested in how we can help you with your vision, get in touch with us today to get started!

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