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Ways to Keep Your Kids Active When Stuck at Home

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, being stuck in self-isolation is the best way to prevent catching the virus and spreading it to others. For families that frequent either outdoor or indoor playgrounds, this is a major disruption in lifestyle.

On top of that, the weather can still less than ideal for playing outside in the back yard this time of the year. So, if you can’t leave your house and you can’t go outside, how can you get your kids to burn off that extra energy? We’ve got a couple of ideas for you to try with your family, so keep reading!

Game Ideas

Games are always fun, right? These are often the easiest ways to get your kids moving. Below are a few options that are low-cost and make the most of limited space.

Hall Soccer / Hockey

Mark the goalposts with tape at the end of each hallway. Grab a tennis ball, or similar-sized ball, to use as your playing ball. You can even just take some old newspaper or ad mail and crumple that up to use for your ball. Use miniature hockey sticks or brooms if you’re playing hockey.

Balloon Volleyball

If you have a spare balloon in your house, this is a great game idea that even older kids can get into if you invoke their competitive nature. To make a net, simply tie or tape a thin string from one chair to another and use the balloon as a volleyball! Keep the rules simple and have fun with it.

Story Time Exercise

This exercise is great for younger kids that love books with repeating words. Pick words from the story and have your kids do a different physical exercise when you read over them. An example for Dr. Seuss’s The Cat In The Hat would be whenever the word “hat” is read, everyone does a jumping jack, and when the word “fish” is read, they lay in their stomach and wiggle like a fish! Come up with creative ways to make them move!

Make Board Games More Physical

Similar to the previous point, this involves taking a game your family already enjoys playing and adding a fun twist to it! If you play JENGA, consider writing little small activities on the blocks. When someone pulls a block out on their turn, they must do that activity! Dice games like Monopoly can be enhanced by making certain rolls require similar physical activity.


If you often do yoga on your own, why not take the time to show your kids? Yoga is something everyone can participate in and can be both physically stimulating as well as calming. Some easy poses for all ages are the Upward Salute and the Warrior II Pose. If you are unsure about yoga or need help picking exercises your younger children can follow, there are hundreds of videos online that you can use as a resource.


Dancing is another one of those universal activities that the whole family can enjoy. For younger kids, often just playing music and moving around can entice them to bounce, sway and spin! For your older kids, look up some dance moves and practice doing them together. Maybe ask your kids what their favourite music is and look up music videos for inspiration. You might even be able to find choreography videos of popular music videos to follow along to.

Personal Playground

If your kids really miss going to public playgrounds, then now might be a good time to consider making your own playground. The effects of COVID-19 might be long-lasting, so there’s no telling when it will be safe to go back out without a care.

If you have space in your backyard, consider ordering equipment that gets your children moving while ensuring their safety. Climbers are a great way to keep children entertained while pushing them to use all their muscles. And of course, no playground is complete without a slide.

If you are considering taking this approach, SPI Plastics is here to help! Our custom rotational molding allows us to make a variety of playground equipment in a wide variety of colours. 

Just give us a call or contact us on our website for help getting started!

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