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The Benefits Of Outdoor Play In The Winter

Playing outdoors is essential to your child’s development throughout the year. Playing outdoors is vital for your baby’s development. However, children’s time outdoors playing decreases when the winter season starts. That is reverse to the recommendations from scientific studies, in which preschool children between the ages of 3 and 5 need exercise and outdoor activities during the day. Children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 17 require at least 60 minutes of moderate outdoor physical activity each day. 

Why Is Outdoor Play Important?

Outdoor playtime in winter will provide a positive feeling to your child. Children who sit in front of the TV or play video games for hours are deprived of physical activity. Nowadays, they often refuse to run or play outdoors when bad and cold weather. Studies show that kids only burn half of their calories in the winter, contrary to the summer. Lack of fitness can also lead to severe health problems. 

Advantages Of Outdoor Play

The Emotional Benefits Of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play can also promote emotional health, such as self-confidence and the ability to assess risk. Children learn to recognize dangers such as slick surfaces and control their behaviour to ensure safety by encouraging winter outdoor play.

In addition, challenges related to the winter environment, such as games between ice leaves and fog, also provide children with new behaviours to develop emotional abilities. Throughout the winter games, children learn to explore, work together and find harmony with endless opportunities to solve problems.

Discover Nature In A New Season

Winter changed our natural environment. Your child’s favourite park will be transformed by layers of snow and frozen lakes and rivers.

Let your kids explore this newly discovered winter wonderland. Observe the wild animals in the bare trees and encourage them to look for traces of various creatures in the snow.

Inviting children to discover the miracles of winter at an early age can inspire them to enjoy the four seasons as they grow up. When they spend time outdoors playing in the cold, they will increase their adaptability and be fascinated by the changes in the four seasons.

Outdoor Winter Play Enhances Creativity

Winter brings new opportunities for imaginative play, fancy and creative. Forget the sandcastle and build an ice castle! Or snow mountains, snowmen, snow towers, snow castles, snow volcanoes, snow lanterns, snow sculptures, snow cakes, and more. You can draw snow, eat snow, and become a snow angel. SPI offers kids endless tiny ideas.

The ideas for making ice decorations with simple items (like food colouring and bowls) are endless. Or, mix the food colouring with water in a spray bottle and feed the kids. Interestingly, there are many differences depending on the type of snow. Is it wet snow? Do you want to pack it? Is it thick or thin? Is it suitable for scrolling? Making a snowman? How do you dress the snowman? Get the photo!


SPI Plastics has a variety of outdoor play equipment, offering different colour combinations and custom designs to meet different requirements. During the creation of each SPI product, safety standards worldwide have been adhered to, understood, and applied. 

If you have any questions about potential projects you want to start in the New Year, please get in touch with us for all options. We look forward to seeing you during this exciting time.

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