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The Science of Colour Selection

If you’ve ever been to any sort of indoor playground or outdoor playground, you’ll likely have come to the general conclusion that these spaces are filled with brightly coloured slides and equipment. But have you ever wondered whether there was a reason for having selected these colours? Maybe it is simply to fulfill an ongoing theme, but what if there was evidence to suggest that colour selection can influence usage, attention space and even affect emotion?

It’s true! Colour has more psychological power than most people likely realize. If you have been considering designing a playground and have not decided on a colour scheme, or if you are just curious about these “hidden powers”, read on to learn more. SPI Industries offers a wide range of colours for most of our indoor and outdoor play products, and we can help you choose colours for your project.

The study of how colour can determine human behavior and emotion is known as colour psychology. Several studies have been done over decades to give us generally accepted emotion-colour associations. Below are a few that might be relevant when thinking about playground areas;

  • Red: Energy, warmth, excitement
  • Yellow: Confidence, friendliness
  • Green: Reassurance, environmental awareness
  • Blue: Trust, overall most popular colour in the world
  • Orange: Fun, security

The hidden powers of colour can influence how people approach your play area, as well as how people feel leaving. Picking the right colours can make a big difference in whether crowds will return or not! If you are still confused regarding which colours to make your new playground, contact us today to discuss availability, cost, and hear opinions from someone who’s been in the business of custom moulding for 45 years.

If you’re looking for more information on indoor or outdoor playgrounds, call 519-935-2211.

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