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T-Tube (Red)





  • The Junction Cube has 5 potential openings allowing for installation flexibility and design creativity
  • The T-Tube component allows the children to travel left or right within a system or can be capped off and made into a look-out!


Description Part # Dimensions Weight
Junction Cube JC30 55.5″ l x 55.5″ w x 40.5″ ” h
(141 cm x 141 cm x 102.9 cm)
140 lbs
(63.5 kg)
T-Tube TT30 51.5″ ” l x 41.5″ ” w x 31.75″ ” h
(130.8 cm x 105.4 cm x 80.6 cm)
75 lbs
(34 kg)

Dimensions and weights are approximate.

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