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Make Sure Your Playground isn’t Missing these Five Necessities

Dreaming up the perfect school or community playground can be an exciting and relatively straight forward goal when you have the proper resources and have partnered with an experienced provider of playground components. You can let your imagination run wild as you ponder all the incredible pieces you’d like to see present in your future play space.

five essential playground components

With this in mind however, there are some key things that every playground should have:


This is a component that can sometimes be dismissed when designing a playground. The great part is that availability of different surfacing materials is truly endless these days, which means you can get as creative as you want when it comes to the colours, patterns, and style you choose; surfacing will really pull the playground together giving it an organized and polished look.  Choose wood for a cost effective, eco feel and look, to recycled rubber surfacing that comes in lots of bright colours and patterns. Remember that some surfacing materials need different depths to be compliant with safety standards, so ensure that you confirm this with a skilled and knowledgeable playground contractor.

Appropriate Shade

It is one HOT summer already. Shade structures can be quite the necessary asset in keeping young children protected from harmful UV-Rays throughout the summer months. These shade structures can be designed and integrated into the play structure itself, or they can stand free from the structure, but cover the entire playground. This shaded shelter will do two things; prolong the time that children can play outside, and protect the playground from the elements. Playgrounds that are situated under shade will remain in better condition, as they won’t be exposed to regular sunlight which can have an effect on the playground’s condition.

Rest and Viewing Areas

Rest spots where parents or caregivers can also sit down at, such as picnic tables and benches, may not be overly exciting when it comes to your playground plans, but they are important. Children can take a break and rest when they want, and adults can easily view and monitor children as they play, ensuring safety.

Necessary Amenities

Amenities such as garbage and recycling bins are another component you shouldn’t forget about for your playground area. When situated strategically, these trash receptacles and recycling bins can provide an attractive setting to visitors as it portrays that the playground is maintained and cleaned regularly. Plus, often you can locate bins that blend into settings seamlessly so they don’t stand out awkwardly. Select a colour, style or shape that will match the setting of your playground.

Safety Measures

Finally, before kids go running to the playground equipment, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Watch for tripping hazards.
  • Be sure that elevated surfaces, like ramps, have guardrails to stop falls from occurring.
  • Verify protective surfacing extends at least 6 feet in all directions from play equipment.
  • Be sure that play structures more than 30 inches high are spaced at least 9 feet apart.

All Set to Plan Your Next Playground?

SPI assists individuals and communities bring their dream playgrounds to life. We provide a large product line for both indoor and outdoor play; we even offer custom designs to meet your specific requirements.


Get in touch with SPI Plastics to discuss your playground project today; we provide our clients with custom molding, livestock waterers, playground equipment and more.

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