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Need Some Winter Fun Ideas for the Kids? Here is Some Inspiration!

It’s a snow day, and the kids can’t wait to get outside and play in the snow! While you may prefer to stay warm and cozy inside, your kids are begging to get their winter attire on! If you managed to get them suited in their winter gear, the biggest job is done, right?! It’s not always the first thing parents want to do but heading outside with the kids is always worth it when you witness the laughter and pure joy on their faces. So, what do you do now? Your backyard offers so many opportunities for winter activities!  If your children are asking for ideas and need some inspiration, why not encourage outdoor play with some creative ideas that are sure to be a hit!




Outdoor Play Inspiration:

Snowball target — Most kids love the thrill of throwing snowballs and it can be done in a safe manner without hitting one another. Have a playground in your backyard? Establish where the target will be on the playground and have snowballs aimed here; as long as the target won’t be damaged by a snowball. Alternatively, why not make various targets, each with different point values. Keep score, or just take turns throwing the snowballs for fun, hitting whatever target they prefer! Be sure nobody gets caught in the middle while you’re at it to ensure those smiles don’t turn to frowns. Don’t want to aim snowballs at your playground? No problem. Choose safe targets in the yard or create targets by placing hula hoops throughout your yard.

Snow Fort — Who doesn’t love to make a good fort? It’s an activity the whole family can get involved in and enjoy.  Your kids can transform many areas in your backyard into a fort. Build snow walls under your deck or consider building a snow wall near your swing for even more adventure! Once it’s complete, the kids will have a blast hopping off the swing to break through the snow wall.

Snow Slide — With the help of your backyard slide, gather up soft, fluffy snow and pile it at the bottom of the slide area. The kids will have a fun and new way to enjoy the slide by landing in a pile of soft and powdery snow for an exciting finish!

Snowball Race — Another way to incorporate your slide into winter play? We love this creative idea. Hold a snowball race! It is exactly what it sounds. Each child makes a snowball and releases them simultaneously from the top of the slide to see whose snowball reaches the bottom first. This creative activity is also a great learning exercise because older children can be strategic with deciding what size snowball moves faster and inspires them to play around with it for the best results.

Hot Chocolate in the Fort — Take a break and enjoy a hot chocolate with the little ones. Enjoy it in your new fort or take a break and go inside to warm up. If your playground has a fort, use that area as a fun place to drink hot chocolate.

Obstacle Course — Incorporate your playground into an outdoor winter obstacle course. The activities you use will be based on what’s available to you and the age group of your kids. If it’s a snowy day and you have a hill, why not get the kids to climb the hill, roll down, make 5 snow angels, and finish it off by building a large snow ball.  Of course, you can get as creative as you want when it comes to what tasks to include; consider your surroundings and adjust obstacles as needed so it can be done in a safe manner.

Snow Castles — Have sand buckets kicking around? Likely! Use these buckets and your shovels to create snow castles. Experiment and see what creations can be made; may be trickier than sand but it is a challenge the kids will love! Use shovels to create roads through the snow for toy vehicles.

Bird Feeding Station — Show the birds who frequent your backyard some love! Set up a bird feeder or better yet make one and position the feeding station so that it hangs off your playground. One easy option is to spread peanut butter on an empty toilet paper tube and roll it in birdseed. You can also use a pinecone for the same effect and results. Watch the birds flock your way!

SPI wishes you a wonderful and fun-filled winter season! Stay safe out there and enjoy the beautiful snowy weather with the kids. There are so many ways to get creative in your own backyard!

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