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Making Your Outdoor Playground Stand Out With These 6 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment

If you want to make your playground a standout, certain equipment can help you achieve that. These six key elements will add fun, excitement, and character to any playground space, from riding animals and slides to climbing structures and crawling tubes. With the right additions, you can create an inviting play area for kids of all ages that encourages physical activity and social interaction. In this blog post, we will find out how each piece of equipment can help maximize their joy in the park!

Why Choosing The Right Kind Of Outdoor Playground Equipment Is Important For Your Kids

When it comes to outdoor playground equipment, the right type can make all the difference in your child’s experience. Different types of equipment will encourage various forms of play and will help cultivate a more robust playground experience. Think about what kind of activities your child enjoys most, and then add the corresponding pieces of equipment to your playground.

The 6 Must-Have Outdoor Playground Equipment

Now that we know why choosing the right equipment is important let’s get into the six must-haves for any playground space.

Riding Animals

Riding animals is a classic playground staple and always brings much joy to children. One of the great things about riding animals is that they encourage pretend play and physical activity. Kids can take their imagination on a wild ride with these fun-filled additions, from horses to camels.


Slides are an outdoor playground tradition and are always a hit with kids. From twisting tunnels to traditional slides, you can create thrilling experiences that spark joy in any playground space. Slides are a great way to encourage physical activity and help kids build their confidence with each successful ride. Depending on your child’s age, you might want to look into getting a toddler slide.

Climbing Structures

Climbing structures are a fantastic way to challenge children both mentally and physically. While climbing can help build strength and agility, it also encourages problem-solving and critical thinking. From bedrock climbers to cliff hangers, you can create a challenging yet safe environment that will help your child reach new heights.

Crawling Tubes

Crawling tubes offer a unique way for kids to explore the playground. Not only do they provide an excellent form of physical activity, but they also encourage imaginative play as kids crawl their way through different tunnels and mazes. Crawling tubes also promote problem-solving skills, such as how best to maneuver through a tube, making it an ideal way to engage kids’ minds while they play.

Activity Panels

Activity panels are a great way to add fun to any playground. From Tic Tac Toe to learning sign language, activity panels offer a variety of different challenges that can help develop problem-solving and coordination. They are also a great way to encourage social interaction and teamwork, as kids can take turns competing with one another.

Adventure Table

If your kid loves bringing toys to the playground, then the adventure table is the perfect addition for you. This interactive piece of equipment allows kids to set up their own pretend play scenarios and encourages them to use their imaginations as they create different stories. It also offers a perfect space for children to come together, as the adventure table can be used by multiple users at once.

With these six pieces of outdoor playground equipment, you can create a dynamic and inviting play area for children of all ages. From riding animals to adventure tables, each piece helps to provide an exciting experience that encourages physical activity or social interaction. With the right mix of equipment, your playground will become a place where kids can explore, learn, play, and grow!

If you are ready to build your dream outdoor playground, SPI Plastics has everything you need to get the job done. We carry a wide selection of outdoor playground equipment that is sure to suit your needs and help create an enjoyable space for all. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services!

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