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The Health Benefits of Basketball

health benefits

Have you ever stopped to think about what sport keeps children engaged and moving regardless of how old they are and their specific skill level? Believe it or not, basketball provides just that! It involves high energy, agility, coordination, concentration, and teamwork.

Motor Control: The ability to pass and shoot a basketball with control and precision does involve some practice, especially for children who are still developing their motor skills. Carrying out basketball drills at home or at a park will give your children the freedom to discover new muscle movements, body control, and how to pass or position themselves to successfully shoot some hoops!

Endurance: All sports require some level of endurance and basketball is no different. There are several cardiovascular advantages gained participating in this sport. Whether it is outdoor basketball or indoor in-line basketball, jumping, dribbling, and running will get the heart rate up quickly, providing your children with exercise that trains the entire body without them even realizing it. This type of training can often to be referred to as interval training; exercise that contributes to improved aerobic capacity, energy levels, and metabolism, all of which help your children improve their concentration levels at school.

Stability: Agility work that involves running, turning and pivoting, offer excellent opportunity to challenge your child’s joints; specifically those muscles around the ankle. In-line and organized basketball teaches young children how to block, steal, jump and pass a basketball safely, without potential injury. Basketball is also excellent in reinforcing balance, balance reactions, and ways in which you can prevent injury.

Coordination and Balance: There is plenty of upper body coordination and hand-eye coordination required for basketball as well. To properly dribble, catch, pass, and make baskets, children need to learn precision and how to react quickly.

Agility: Basketball is a fast-paced sport where athletes have to think fast on their feet and respond quickly to plays that could change momentum and direction at any minute.  Young athletes are working on mental drills in addition to physical techniques. Basketball enhances children’s agility due to the swiftness needed to dodge other players and make aggressive plays.

Communication and Cooperation Skills:  A sport such as basketball can prepare children for the necessary social interactions needed for everyday life down the road. Children will learn to share responsibility, what’s involved in teamwork, and how to cope with both triumph and defeat.

At SPI we offer an in-line basketball play event, as the perfect addition to your indoor play structure as well as the Funball play components – a great addition to any outdoor playground. Children can practice their hoop skills on their own or start a friendly game of basketball with their peer.  Offered in a variety of colours, the enclosed space allows for safe and fun play for everyone. Contact us for a free quote or for more information.


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