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Does Your Daycare Centre Measure Up? Steer Clear of These Mistakes

Have you recently opened a daycare in your region?  While this is inevitably an exciting time for you, you’ll want to make sure that you begin everything on the right foot to increase your chances of being successful. Daycares are high in demand, but they are also competitive as each city and town has various daycare centres to choose from. How do families go about selecting the daycare they want their child to be a part of? For starters, parents will want to visit the location in person, so they can assess several aspects of the daycare first-hand. Of course, word-of-mouth and online reviews are also very helpful in telling which daycares have been popular among other families.


We can tell you, that there are some simple signs that will keep families AWAY from a daycare centre if detected. At SPI Plastics, we want to help, where we can, to ensure your daycare centre takes off! With that said, here are some things you’ll want to steer clear of as a daycare owner:

  • An Environment Without Stimulation
    Children need adequate activities that involve interaction, to encourage both mental and/or emotional development. Parents will be looking for toys that are up-to-date and reviewing play areas to ensure everything is clean and current. You may even be asked how often cleaning takes place and when toys are switched out – stay on top of both so you can reassure parents that this isn’t an issue. Always provide age appropriate activities and consider incorporating ones that follow certain educational philosophies.
  • Lack of Emotional Support from Caregivers
    Kids require love and support from caregivers when a parent isn’t present to do so. Your caregivers should be top notch with a genuine passion for encouraging, consoling, and guiding the children they look after. Parents visiting your daycare centre, will be analyzing whether children are being tended to, brushed off when asking for attention, ignored when crying, or bullied by other kids while in the presence of a caregiver. Remember that you want to showcase to parents your caregivers are there to teach children, not punish them. Select your team wisely!
  • Too Many Children
    If your daycare centre has more than 15 kids playing and running about, be mindful that this may raise some red flags among parents; while this is entirely legal with the proper number of caregivers and space provided, you may be faced with questions regarding the legalities of this; always be prepared and of course be sure you aren’t breaking any laws in association with overcrowded daycares.
  • An Environment Deemed Unsafe
    Your daycare won’t be very popular if it looks unsafe or is viewed as a health concern. Parents who come to consider your facility may be on the look out for proper labeling for any special foods for children, they will likely look to see if there are safety bars in appropriate areas such as on the windows (if accessible). Be sure your centre is clean and garbage free, and this should go without saying but if your team smokes do so away from children. Do you have the proper locks in place and safe seating available to children? These are simple reminders you should be constantly verifying as a daycare owner.
  • An Unhealthy Atmosphere
    Don’t allow children to come to daycare if it is clear they are ill. Parents will likely ask what your sick policy is and how you handle toilet accidents and stomach bugs. Allowing children into your daycare while they are sick will not only infect other children, but it will give you a bad reputation as a daycare provider.
  • Activities that don’t Encourage Mental, Physical, Social or Emotional Growth
    A good provider takes care to have children interact and become participants in daily activities. Parents will want to find out whether you promote and are committed to educational activities, games and play that promotes healthy growth in all aspects of a child including mental, physical, social and emotional. You’ll want to have a good balance between educational activities and engaging fun to keep children happy, safe, and entertained.

SPI can work with you to design an indoor playsystem that will keep your children occupied, stimulated and entertained for hours. We will build a play structure that includes age-appropriate components and is designed with the highest safety standards in the industry.

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