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8 Tips for Good Playground Etiquette Every Parent Should Know

An outdoor playground can be a fun and exciting place for kids of all ages, and it’s the perfect place for them to run around, play, and use up all of their energy. But it’s also vital that parents remember to have proper playground etiquette, so everyone involved has a positive experience. From teaching your children good habits such as picking up after themselves or sharing toys to making sure they aren’t too loud while other people are playing, there are some easy tips and tricks that any parent can follow to foster good behavior at the playground. Read on to find out how parents can do their part in making sure their children practice proper playground etiquette!

#1. Model Good Behavior

The best way for parents to ensure that their children practice good behavior at the playground is to show them how it’s done. Children often imitate what they see, so setting a good example by following all the rules yourself can go a long way in teaching your kids proper etiquette.

#2. Respect Other People’s Property

When playing with toys or other items at the playground, it’s important to remember not to take something that doesn’t belong to you—even if no one is around watching. Make sure your children understand this concept and respect the property of others, so everyone has an enjoyable experience when visiting the playground.

#3. Watch Your Language

No matter how old they are, children can easily pick up on negative language, so parents must keep the language they use to a minimum when at the playground. Make sure to watch your tone and words to set a good example for your children and other people around you.

#4. Take Turns

When playing with toys or equipment at the playground, taking turns is key! Explain to your children that not everyone can be using the same thing at once, and emphasize the importance of waiting their turn if someone else is already using something they want to play with.

#5. Clean Up After Yourself

Everyone must take responsibility for their messes, no matter how small they may be. Teach your children to pick up after themselves while they’re playing, and make sure they always put toys back when they are done with them so other kids can enjoy them too.

#6. No Roughhousing

Although it’s fun for children to let loose and run around on the playground, parents need to remind their children that roughhousing is not allowed in public places like this one. Make sure your kids understand that the equipment is meant for fun and not fighting.

#7. No Bullying

Bullying can ruin a good time for everyone at the playground, and parents need to make sure their children know it’s unacceptable behavior. Explain to them that no one should be made to feel uncomfortable or scared while playing, and let them know they should tell you if they ever see someone being mean to another kid while they’re out on the playground.

#8. Stay Away From Dangerous Areas

It’s important to remind your children of areas off-limits at the playground—such as the top of slides or monkey bars—so that they don’t get injured while playing. Make sure your kids know what parts of the playground are safe for them to explore and which ones should be avoided.

Practicing proper playground etiquette is a crucial skill for children of all ages to learn, and as a parent, it’s your job to teach them how to do it correctly! Follow these tips above so that you can help your children have fun while also following basic rules of respect at the playground.

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