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8 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Custom Playground

Creating a custom playground is an exciting project that can bring life and lively activity to your community in no time. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities, it’s important to keep some basic guidelines in mind while designing your outdoor destination so you can make sure it is safe, engaging, and age-appropriate for all kids who will use it. In this post, we’ll cover eight key things you should consider when designing the perfect custom playground for hours of active fun. Read on to learn more about what makes up an ideal play area!

What is a Custom Playground?

If you aren’t sure what a custom playground is, it’s essentially a play area that is custom-built to meet the unique needs and interests of your children. Whether you have young kids who love climbing or older kids who are interested in more challenging physical activities, there are many different custom playground options available to accommodate all ages and abilities.

#1 – Safety

When designing a custom playground, safety should be your primary concern. This means ensuring that all equipment is age-appropriate and sturdy enough to support the weight of children using it. It’s also essential to choose surfaces that are soft and absorbent in case of falls, such as mulch or rubber mats.

#2 – Accessibility

While custom playgrounds are often designed for specific age groups, it’s important to ensure that all children can access the equipment and play areas regardless of their abilities. This might mean including ramps or other accommodations for wheelchair users, as well as having playground equipment that is not too high off the ground.

#3 – Engagement

A custom playground should be more than just a structure in your community; it should encourage active play and promote social interaction between kids so they can build imagination and teamwork skills. Consider adding features like activity panels, slides, climbing structures, riding animals, and more to keep kids entertained for hours!

#4 – Size and Space Requirements

Having a playground in your community is a fantastic way to bring kids together, so you want to make sure that there is enough space for all children who want to use it. This means considering the size and layout of your custom playground when planning its location and choosing equipment that will fit into your available space.

#5 – Age-Appropriate Equipment

Playgrounds can be a great way for kids of all ages to stay active and engaged, so choose playground equipment that is age-appropriate. For example, consider choosing smaller slides if you have younger children or including more challenging activities like climbing structures if your custom playground is aimed at older kids.

#6 – Maintenance and Cleanliness

A custom playground is an inviting space for kids to get active, so you want to ensure that it remains clean and well-maintained. This means choosing equipment made from durable materials that can withstand regular use and frequent cleaning, as well as training community members in basic maintenance practices like sweeping the play area regularly.

#7 – Community Outreach

If you’re creating a playground for your community, it’s important to consider how you will reach out to families and children who may want to use the space. Try partnering with local schools or organizations to promote your custom playground or hold special events or activities there so kids know when they can come and play!

#8 – Budget

Last but not least, when designing your custom playground, you’ll need to consider your budget and the associated costs. This means carefully choosing equipment that will fit your budget, as well as researching any potential grants or funding opportunities that may be available to help cover custom playground costs.


With these tips in mind, you can create a custom playground that is safe, engaging, and fun for all kids! Whether you’re planning one for your own community or are tasked with designing one for your school or other organization, these guidelines can help ensure that it meets all of your needs.

If you are ready to start designing your custom playground, SPI Plastics can help! With years of experience in custom playground design and manufacturing, we offer a wide range of playground equipment to suit all budgets and play areas. Our high-quality custom playground materials are built to last and provide endless active fun for kids of all ages. Get in touch today to learn more about how SPI Plastics can help bring your custom playground vision to life!

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