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8 Key Elements To Consider When Building An Outdoor Playground

If you’re looking for a fun and educational outdoor activity to do with your children, look no further than building an outdoor playground! Outdoor playgrounds offer tons of benefits for children, including teaching them new skills, helping them get exercise, and providing a fun social environment. In this article, we are going to discuss eight key elements you need to think about when building an outdoor playground. So if you’re ready to start planning your new playground, read on!


The first thing you need to think about is the location, as you’ll want to build your playground in a safe and accessible spot. If you’re planning on building a backyard playground, make sure it’s away from any hazards like pools, trampolines, or power tools. You’ll also want to consider the amount of space you have, as outdoor playgrounds can range from small to large.


One of the most fun parts of creating an outdoor playground is choosing a theme. Will your playground be based on your child’s favourite book or TV show? Or will it be a more general theme like pirates, knights, or dinosaurs? You can also choose to create a themed playground around a certain activity, like sports or music. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it’s something that will excite and inspire your children!

Playground Surface

Picking a safe playground surface is crucial, as you’ll want to make sure your children are protected from falls. One of the most popular playground surfaces is rubber mulch, which is soft and forgiving if kids fall. You can also use sand or engineered wood fibre. Just make sure to avoid concrete, asphalt, or grass, as these surfaces can be hard and unforgiving if kids fall on them.

Type of Playground Equipment

Now it’s time to start thinking about the type of playground equipment you want to include. There are tons of options available, so it’s important to pick something that will be age-appropriate for your children. For toddlers and younger kids, you want to have easy things like slides and swings. For older kids, you can add more challenging elements like monkey bars or climbing walls. And for all ages, make sure to include some fun toys like riding animals and activity panels!

Safety Features

When you’re designing your outdoor playground, safety should be your number one priority. Make sure to include features like railings on high platforms and padding around sharp corners. You’ll also want to make sure the playground is fenced in so that kids can’t wander off. And finally, don’t forget to add some signage so that everyone knows the rules of the playground!

Shade Areas

If you are building your outdoor playground in a sunny area, then you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of shade areas. That way, kids can stay cool and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Shade structures like umbrellas or awnings are perfect for this, or you can plant some trees around the perimeter of the playground.


You’ll also want to think about accessibility when you’re designing your outdoor playground. If you have any children with special needs, make sure to include features that will make the playground more accessible for them. That might mean adding ramps or wide pathways or choosing playground equipment that is easier for them to use.

Picnic or Seating Areas

If you’re planning on building a large outdoor playground, then you might want to include some picnic or seating areas. That way, parents can relax and watch their kids while they play. Picnic tables are perfect for this, or you could even add a few benches around the perimeter of the playground.


These are just a few of the key elements you’ll want to think about when building your outdoor playground. By taking these things into consideration, you can create a space that is both fun and safe for your children! If you want help designing your new outdoor playground, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. SPI Plastics has years of experience in creating outdoor playgrounds, and we would be happy to help you create something perfect for your kids!

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