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5 Playground Games to Encourage Physical Activity and Social Interaction

With screen time on the rise and outdoor playtime on the decline, it’s more important than ever to encourage physical activity and social interaction in our children. Fortunately, the playground offers the perfect opportunity to help kids break a sweat and build social skills. Here are five playground games that are sure to get your little ones up and moving while also promoting teamwork and communication. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these games are a great way to make sure kids are having fun and staying active on the playground.

Playground Games

The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava is a classic playground game that has been around for generations. It’s simple but incredibly effective in getting kids moving and encouraging social interaction. The rules are straightforward – as soon as someone shouts, “The floor is lava!” every player must jump onto the nearest play structure rather than touch the “lava” (the ground). The aim of the game is to be the last one standing, jumping from one elevated surface to the next, and avoiding the lava. Not only does this game promote physical activity and agility, but it also develops problem-solving skills as players strategize how to navigate their way through the playground without touching the ground.

Hide and Seek

Another classic playground game that never gets old is Hide and Seek. It’s a timeless favourite that helps children develop their social and problem-solving skills. The game is simple – one person is “it,” and they have to count while the other players hide. Once the counter finishes counting, they begin searching for the hiders, and the last one found becomes “it” in the next round. Hide and Seek is a fun way to promote physical activity, as kids run around to find the perfect hiding spot and develop their strategic thinking as they work out where to hide.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love going on a treasure hunt? Treasure Hunt is an exciting playground game that’s perfect for encouraging social interaction and teamwork between young children. The game’s objective is to find a hidden object or prize. It could be something as simple as a small toy or a puzzle’s final piece. With no set rules, children will work together in small groups to hunt for the treasure, developing their communication and collaboration skills. It’s also a great way to get kids moving as they race around the playground in search of the hidden treasure.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a fun and engaging game that’s perfect for keeping kids physically active and enhancing their listening skills. It’s a classic game that’s easy to play and requires no equipment. One person (usually an adult) is “Simon,” and they give commands starting with “Simon says” and commands without saying “Simon says.” Players have to follow the instructions that begin with “Simon says” and do not follow those that don’t. The object of the game is to be the last one standing by following Simon’s commands and avoiding being eliminated.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is a classic playground game that’s perfect for developing physical and social skills. One player is the leader, and the others follow them around the playground, trying to mimic everything they do. The leader does things like crawling under a bridge or going down a slide. The followers try to copy everything the leader does, developing their physical skills and improving their communication and teamwork abilities.

Benefits of Encouraging Kids to Play Playground Games

Helps with Physical Development

Playground games are a fantastic way to help your child’s physical development. These games require lots of physical activity, which can help to strengthen their muscles, improve their balance, coordination, and overall fitness. Physical activity can also improve children’s mental health and help them to develop resilience and coping skills.

Promotes Social-Emotional Development

Social-emotional development can be promoted through playground games. They can help children to develop empathy, build trust with others, and learn how to communicate effectively. Playing games with their peers teaches children how to cooperate and how to share experiences, and it promotes a sense of mutual respect.

Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence

Playing playground games can help children to improve their self-esteem and confidence by giving them opportunities to take risks, try new things, and discover their strengths. They can experience success through winning games or simply by mastering a new skill. Giving children positive experiences in the playground can dramatically impact their self-esteem.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Playground games can also help children develop their problem-solving skills. These games often require children to think creatively to find solutions to challenges and overcome obstacles, making the games fun as well as educational. Children learn how to work as a team and solve problems together, promoting collaboration and problem-solving skills.

How to Play Playground Games with Kids

Playing playground games with kids is a great way to encourage physical activity and social interaction while also having fun. However, it’s important to ensure that children are safe while playing these games. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing playground games with kids.

Setting Up the Game

When setting up a playground game, ensure that there is enough space to play. Check the area for any dangerous obstacles that could harm children, such as sharp edges, loose equipment, or broken surfaces. Make sure the game is appropriate for the age group and ability level of the participants. Always choose games that promote physical activity while being fun and challenging.

Rules to Follow

Before the game begins, explain the rules to the children. Be clear when explaining the objectives, what equipment is necessary, what playing area to use, and how to score points. Reinforce good sportsmanship and the importance of playing fair. Make sure that the game is played safely and that players are watching each other to avoid collisions or accidents. Be calm but assertive when resolving conflicts among players.

Don’t Have a Playground? It Might Be Time to Build One!

Having a playground in your community can make a world of difference in children’s physical activity, social interaction, and overall well-being. If your community doesn’t have a playground, it’s time to consider building one. Here are some benefits of having a playground and tips for finding the right playground equipment.

Benefits of Having Playground

A playground provides a safe play area for children to enjoy while promoting physical activity, social interaction, and creativity. Children can develop their social, physical, and cognitive development by having fun and engaging in activities that allow them to explore, play and learn new skills.


Playgrounds promote overall child health by providing an opportunity for children to engage in outdoor play. Outdoor play enables children to receive more vitamin D from the sun, improving their overall health. Playgrounds can also improve community well-being by encouraging parents to spend time outdoors with their children while becoming more involved in community activities.

Finding the Right Playground Equipment

When it comes to selecting the right playground equipment, it’s important to consider your children’s needs. Think about their age range, physical ability levels, and interest areas. Research different suppliers and equipment and compare pricing and warranties. Consider equipment that fosters creativity, challenge, and physical and social development. It is best if the playground equipment is age-appropriate with proper safety inspections and upgraded every few years.


Building a playground can be an exciting and rewarding experience for a community. It provides a safe and stimulating play area that promotes physical activity and social interaction. Through careful planning and careful attention to safety, a playground can be a space that brings joy to children and adults alike.


An outdoor playground is a fantastic space for children to have fun, release energy, and develop social and motor skills. Additionally, it promotes healthy habits and community engagement. Building a playground can seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning, resources, and equipment, it can be done efficiently and safely for all to enjoy. Therefore, if you are interested in building a custom outdoor playground, contact SPI Plastics, the experts in creating quality, durable, and fun playgrounds. With SPI Plastics, your community can have its very own unique and custom playground that kids will love to play on for years to come!

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