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10 Frequently Asked Questions About SPI Plastics Custom Playgrounds

Plastic custom playground that is outdoors

Creating a vibrant and safe playground for children is not just child’s play – it’s a significant investment in a community’s future. As leaders in the custom playground industry, SPI Plastics has witnessed the transformational power of play. Our custom playground designs have contributed to safe, creative play environments and foster developmental milestones in young minds. In this post, we answer the top 10 frequently asked questions about our custom playgrounds.

1. What Makes SPI Plastics’ Custom Playgrounds Unique?

The uniqueness of SPI Plastics’ custom playgrounds stems from our dedication to tailoring each design to the client’s specific needs. Utilizing custom molding, we empower our clients to co-create a play space that reflects their vision and the interests of the children who will enjoy it. Our playgrounds are not only structures; they are customized experiences crafted with quality materials and an aesthetic sensibility that can turn any dream playground into a tangible reality.

2. Why Choose SPI Plastics for Custom Playgrounds?

We are the preferred choice for those seeking custom playgrounds due to our extensive industry expertise and unwavering commitment to producing top-quality play environments. Our design team collaborates closely with clients to ensure that every specification and safety requirement is met. We place a strong emphasis on not only the initial design but also on the sustainability and durability of our products, standing behind our promise for safe and long-lasting fun.

3. Can SPI Plastics Customize Playground Designs?

Absolutely, customization is at the heart of what we do. Our team of expert designers will work with you to create a unique playground design that perfectly complements your space and meets your specific requirements. Whether it’s a theme, colour scheme, or a one-of-a-kind feature, we’ll ensure your custom playground is as unique as the children who play in it.

4. What Safety Features Are Included in SPI Plastics Custom Playgrounds?

Safety is paramount in every playground we build. Our custom playgrounds adhere to rigorous safety standards, exceeding industry regulations. We also work with you to help you select the appropriate safety surfacing to ensure your playground meets all safety requirements.

5. Can SPI Plastics Customize Playgrounds for Different Age Groups?

Yes, we understand that play is not one-size-fits-all. Our playground designs account for the developmental needs of various age groups, from toddlers to older children. We craft play structures with age-appropriate challenges and interactive elements that promote physical development, social skills, and cognitive growth, ensuring that every child’s play experience is optimized for their age and stage.

6. Can I Choose the Colours for Custom Playgrounds?

Colour plays a significant role in the play experience, and at SPI Plastics, we know this well. We offer a wide spectrum of vibrant UV-stable colours for you to choose from. Whether you want to match your school’s logo, create an underwater theme, or a rainbow of possibilities, the choice is yours when selecting the hues that will adorn your custom playground.

7. How Are Custom Playgrounds Made?

Our playgrounds are crafted using rotational molding, a process that involves placing a powdered polymer (such as polyethylene) into a hollow mold, which then rotates around two axes to evenly distribute the material on the interior walls. Once the mold is heated, the material melts and adheres to the mold’s shape, creating a single, solid piece that is durable, seamless, and ready for the playground.

8. What Maintenance Is Required for SPI Plastics Custom Playgrounds?

While our playgrounds are built to withstand the test of time, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal safety and longevity. We recommend periodic inspections, cleaning, and repairs as necessary to keep your custom playground in excellent condition. Our customer service team is always on hand to provide guidance on maintenance best practices.

9. Can SPI Plastics Custom Playgrounds Be Installed Indoors?

Yes, we have extensive experience in custom playground installations, both outdoor and indoor. Whether it’s a community center, shopping mall, or school gymnasium, our team can design and install a custom indoor playground that maximizes the available indoor space without compromising on play value or safety features.

9. How Can I Get a Quote from SPI Plastics?

Requesting a quote for your custom playground is straightforward. Visit our website or contact our customer service team to provide details about your project, including the size of your space, your customization preferences, and any particular features you desire. Our sales representatives will work with you to provide a detailed quote that fits your budget and fulfills your play aspirations.

In conclusion, SPI Plastics is your partner in creating a custom playground that transcends play to become an integral part of your community’s identity. We foster innovation and inclusivity through designs that are as unique as the spaces they occupy. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of custom playgrounds, reach out to our team and let’s build a play space that will be cherished for generations!

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