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SPI Project – Beanstalk Playground

SPI plastics was hired for our outdoor playground slides for this beautiful park in Morganton, NC. We worked closely with the customer to ensure our outdoor slides would integrate smoothly with the rest of their project. The slides that you see in the video below were proudly manufactured by us in our factory and shipped to their location for installation. Contact us today to add those key plastic components to…

The Science of Colour Selection

If you’ve ever been to any sort of indoor playground or outdoor playground, you’ll likely have come to the general conclusion that these spaces are filled with brightly coloured slides and equipment. But have you ever wondered whether there was a reason for having selected these colours? Maybe it is simply to fulfill an ongoing theme, but what if there was evidence to suggest that colour selection can influence usage,…

Safety Measures and Playgrounds for Your Children – Key Tips

Playgrounds provide the perfect opportunity for your children to get outdoors, release some energy, enjoy the fresh air, stay active, and of course, socialize with other children doing the same thing! As you know, playing is important for your child’s social and physical/cognitive skill development. Due to the fact that outdoor playgrounds provide an array of equipment options like swings, slides and monkey bars, these can all be used to…

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