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Why Children Are Drawn to Playground Slides

If you go to virtually any outdoor playground across North America, you are basically guaranteed to see a slide of some sort. Not only that, but you’re bound to witness eager and excited faces lined up to go down it! After all, slides are exhilarating, fast, and fun for children of several age groups!   Why Slides? Most children are naturally thrill seekers and fearless when it comes to exploring…

Ideas for Your Raised Garden Bed

Spring is here and the warmer temperatures are finally greeting us with a joyful presence! With this in mind, many local residents are beginning to consider their seasonal gardening plans and backyard cleanup work. Raised garden beds, also referred to as garden boxes, are growing in popularity when it comes to growing small plots of flowers and vegetables. Why? For starters, they keep pathway weeds away from your garden soil,…

Selecting an Outdoor Playground for Children with Autism

When designing a playground to include children with autism, you must understand that there is a spectrum of severity and every child is different. Some children have more moderate types of autism, while others will have more severe symptoms. Findings in a 2012 study verify what several parents’ educational experts already know; it’s very common for young children with autism to wander, leaving families worried and stressed. Children with autism…

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