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Featured in RotoWorld: SPI Products Make an Attractive Addition to Co-Working Space

Co-working office space is a rapidly growing trend; while the concept was designed over 10 years ago, it started as a simple idea to make use of basic infrastructure and resources which otherwise may not be available in a standard office environment. Now more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking these environments to provide flexible working space, reduce costs, and offer more options for their team. The Work Lodge,…

Pro tips: Keeping Your SPI Play Systems Clean

                SPI play systems are guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day, and the durable construction of our systems not only provides peace of mind knowing your product is safe, but also ensures a long equipment life. With that said, in order to keep the good times going there is some work to be done periodically to ensure users of these play systems stay…

How Swinging, Climbing and Sliding Assist Children with their Physical Development

When you take your children to the park this summer, in a matter of seconds it’s almost guaranteed they’ll be running to get on that swing or slide spotted in the near distance. Of course while venturing through an outdoor playground is a blast for your child, you’ll notice as well that this activity provides more than just countless hours of entertainment; children are using their bodies in an extremely…

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