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The Health Benefits of Basketball

Have you ever stopped to think about what sport keeps children engaged and moving regardless of how old they are and their specific skill level? Believe it or not, basketball provides just that! It involves high energy, agility, coordination, concentration, and teamwork. Motor Control: The ability to pass and shoot a basketball with control and precision does involve some practice, especially for children who are still developing their motor skills. Carrying…

Keep Motivating Your Children to Play Outdoors

                      Now that so many children have iPads and phones to stay occupied, more and more kids are spending their free time indoors. While television used to be the main culprit, one might argue that phones and computers have taken over. In either case, the increase in numbers of children spending a significant amount of time inside has resulted in…

Featured in RotoWorld: SPI Products Make an Attractive Addition to Co-Working Space

Co-working office space is a rapidly growing trend; while the concept was designed over 10 years ago, it started as a simple idea to make use of basic infrastructure and resources which otherwise may not be available in a standard office environment. Now more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking these environments to provide flexible working space, reduce costs, and offer more options for their team. The Work Lodge,…

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