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Why Do Children Climb?

You can rarely design a playground without some source of climbing structure. We all know that outdoor play is linked directly to climbing in one way or another. When young children are provided with both free play and planned play, gross motor experiences will encourage and support them to cultivate physically strong and healthy bodies. Children are drawn to climbing because there are many sources both indoors and outdoors to…

Would a Slide in Your Office Persuade You to Work?

Technological advances mean that many employees can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working from home or at a local coffee shop; anywhere that one can work effectively without having to endure that dreadful commute. In response to this newfound reality, some organizations are working extra hard to ensure their offices are more appealing, enjoyable places to spend time in. In fact, many employees are requesting and demanding that they…

Boost Sensory Play for Your Children with Activity Panels

By nature, children are quite curious to explore and learn their surroundings through their senses. SPI provides a variety of activity panels that can be integrated into indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Available in a selection of bright and bold colours, these panels are sure to blend into the design of your playground effortlessly. Children can enjoy interesting play while they actively learn and develop their sensory skills. What are the advantages…

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