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Green Thumb Raised Garden

Raised gardens provide easy to reach, compact, highly productive gardening areas. Eliminates sore backs and knees. The Green Thumb Raised Garden is sold as a ready-to-plant 4′ x 4′ kit.

Advantages of Raised Gardens –

  • increased productivity per square foot (produce 1.5 to 2 times more than traditional row gardens)
  • no need for walkways, soil compaction and weeding is reduced
  • extended gardening season, warms earlier in the spring and remains productive into the fall
  • control over soil quality
  • seasonal tilling of your garden is never required
  • raised gardens protect from pests such as slugs, snails, rabbits, etc.
  • the soil tray eliminates soil erosion

Advantages for YOU –

  • brings your garden closer to you
  • bending reduced eliminating sore backs and knees
  • all your gardening can be done from the garden path
  • brings more order and a pleasing geometry to your garden
  • accessible to all

Soil Tray –

Double wall construction and unique design creates extremely durable soil tray

Tan Raised Garden

Dark Grey Raised Garden
*Soil Tray shown beside assembled Raised Garden to illustrate design


Specifications –

  • 59″ long x 59″ wide x 30.5″ high
  • inside garden dimensions: 42 ½” long x 42 ½” wide x 10″ deep
  • soil capacity: 0.4 cubic yards
  • ships pre-assembled – dimensions: 59″ long x 59″ wide x 36″ high
  • total Weight for shipping: 210 lbs

Garden Specs


Colours Available –

Tan Green Thumb   Dark Grey Green Thumb

NOTE: Colours may vary

Custom Colours Available


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